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Camp Worth supports adolescents with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to achieve their goals. Adolescents with ASD between 11-17 find a home away from home where they learn new ways to express their needs, communicate with others, and cope with difficult situations. Under the supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, trained staff implement individualized behavior support plans to teach independent living skills, coping strategies, and appropriate methods to get their needs met. In tandem with daily behavior support for your child, parent training is offered to educate your family to promote behavior change at home. We want your child to live their best life, and that starts with the skills they need for every day.

Help your loved one build life skills and independence for a safe, healthy, and happy life, at Camp Worth in Fort Worth, Texas

At Camp Worth, your adolescent can focus on improving communication and life skills away from daily stresses. For adolescents with autism spectrum disorder, a residential treatment center can provide individualized behavior support, therapy, and 24/7 care.

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About Camp Worth

Many adolescents with autism spectrum disorder struggle with social skills and inclusion in the community. The specialized programming at Camp Worth can help your child learn and hone their skills to overcome any obstacle.
Camp Worth aims to be a home away from home. For an adolescent, leaving home to spend time in a residential treatment center can be an alarming shift. We take pride in ensuring that the children in our program feel safe and as comfortable as possible while away from home. Our care coordinators take special care to respond to behaviors in a supportive and caring manner, with constant reassurance that they are loved.

Camp Worth offers residential treatment for boys and girls with autism spectrum disorder from the ages of 11-17. Under the supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, trained staff implement individualized Behavior Support Plans (BSPs) to teach independent living skills, coping strategies, and appropriate methods to get their needs met. Individualized BSPs are designed using evidenced-based practices rooted in the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) so that staff are able to provide support based on the specific needs of each child in the most appropriate way.

Our autism spectrum disorder residential treatment center in Texas is a full-service program with access to medical staff, education, and counseling. Individualized multi-faceted support lays the groundwork for long-term positive outcomes.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment Programs

Camp Worth supports adolescents across the autism spectrum wherever they find themselves in their journey; from those who have just received their diagnosis to those who have exhausted other options.

A combination of treatment programs teaches our loved ones effective methods of communication, skills to increase independence, and tactics to cope with and process emotions. By learning these skills, your adolescent will be prepared for more independence after arriving home. Some of the therapies and programs we offer include the following:

  • Education – School is often stressful, but with extra support we can help them stay on track with their education while at Camp Worth. Brazos River Charter School employs innovative and comprehensive learning techniques to provide students with an individualized, focus-based education.
  • Parent Training – Weekly training is offered to parents and caregivers to learn how to use the basic principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and its evidenced-based methods to increase skills and appropriate behaviors, and target inappropriate behaviors for decrease.
  • Food and Nutrition – Children with autism are often particular about the foods they eat. Our kitchen takes great care to prepare nutritious foods and provides alternative options when necessary.
  • Functional Communication Training –Inappropriate behavior is often an attempt to fulfill a need. Communication strategies provide an alternate and simpler method to get their needs met. Learning to communicate effectively in a variety of situations can drastically improve overall quality of life.
  • Recreational Therapy – Groups outings and exercise help your adolescent develop healthy living skills and stay active while incorporating social skills.
  • Medication Management – Many children with ASD use medication to regulate mood. Our in-house Psychiatrist provides oversight of medication administration and offers input on medication regimen throughout their stay.

While your adolescent is at Camp Worth, our professionals will continually assess and evaluate progress and adjust support strategies to find the best fit for your child.

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At our autism spectrum disorder treatment center in Fort Worth, Texas, our experienced and certified staff can support your adolescent to learn skills they need to be successful in life. By utilizing evidenced-based interventions and therapies, we aim to set up your child for success in life. Contact us by calling 855.915.2545 to help your child grow with our residential treatment programs.

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