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Autism Parent Training is an integral component for long-term behavior change. In our services your child will have ‘round the clock caregivers trained in individualized behavior support plans and evidenced-based behavior intervention. Parent training has one primary goal: to help your child by equipping you with similar knowledge and skills to promote continued progress and growth long after their time at Camp Worth.

As a parent, it can be challenging to know how best to support your child with autism. With Camp Worth’s autism parent training in Ft. Worth, TX, we can give you extra tools to help your child develop independent living skills by teaching the basic principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.

What Will I Learn in an Autism Parent-Training Program?

At our autism parent training program, parents learn many transferable skills to use at home with their child with autism. We use a combination of discussion-based techniques and interactive models to teach parents and caregivers the skills they need. Among these skills are:

  • Managing inappropriate or dangerous behaviors –  Children and teens with autism often resort to dangerous and inappropriate behaviors to get their needs met. By using function-based interventions you can decrease the likelihood of future problem behavior.
  • Developing coping skills – Adolescents with autism often find it difficult to exist in a world that often interrupts preferred routines and overstimulates. Our parent training program teaches practical approaches to help your child cope with the many stressors they face.
  • Improving communication skills – People with autism often face difficulties with receptive and expressive communication skills that can be bolstered by consistent support from parents and loved ones.
  • Expanding play skills – ASD is often characterized by difficulty in interactions with other people. This can make it tough for some kids to participate in play with others. As a parent, you can encourage healthy play in a variety of ways with the tools you can learn in parent training throughout your child’s stay.
  • Increasing independence – Life skills and self-management are difficult for autistic and neurotypical children. At Camp Worth, we can provide tips and strategies to boost your ability to support their self-reliance.

ASD symptoms can be a challenging barrier to living a fulfilling life. As parents and caregivers, we can help them on their journey by providing them with a variety of ways to approach difficult situations.

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Raising and nurturing a child with autism is a demanding endeavor. As caregivers and parents of autistic children, there are steps we can take to learn skills for their benefit. Our autism parent training center in Ft. Worth, TX, has one goal. To improve lives. We can help improve the life of your child through our residential treatment center, and with the skills and knowledge taught in our parent training you will have the necessary tools to promote and foster growth and independence for your child. Discover all that our autism parent-training program has to offer by reaching out to us online today, or by calling 855.915.2545. You don’t have to do it alone.

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