mother in park on a sunny day surrounded by children experiencing talking to your child about having a sibling with autism

Talking to Your Child About Having a Sibling With Autism

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 1 in 59 children in the United States are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder each year. Having a sibling with autism poses specific challenges for the brother or sister and the parents of both neurotypical and neurodivergent children. Camp Worth offers autism resources for…

two pairs of hands holding a heart made of multi-colored puzzle pieces observing autism awareness day

Observing Autism Awareness Day

World Autism Awareness Day occurs annually on April 2nd. The purpose of Autism Awareness Day is to raise awareness about autism and to encourage acceptance and support for individuals living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Correcting misconceptions about autism and drawing attention to the different types of autism can help increase understanding of ASD in…

adolescent male child sitting by lake giving thumbs up as he participates in one of 5 autism friendly activities

5 Autism-Friendly Activities

For families of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, finding autism-friendly activities does not have to be difficult. Camp Worth, located in Forth Worth, Texas offers a family counseling program near Dallas. Our experienced and compassionate staff can provide suggestions for family-friendly activities that are also autism-friendly activities. For…

a medical professional points to multiple images of brain scans to explain the link between autism, seizures, and epilepsy

The Link Between Autism, Seizures, and Epilepsy

Nearly a quarter of teens with autism thirteen and older are likely to have some form of seizures or epilepsy. It can be challenging to tell if your teen with autism is having a seizure, as the symptoms of autism and seizures are very similar. To help reduce the symptoms of seizures and epilepsy, autism…

older female therapist helping young man with occupational therapy for autism

Occupational Therapy for Autism

People living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often struggle in social settings. They have trouble interacting with others and may have difficulty sharing their interests. Fortunately, occupational therapy for autism provides benefits by helping those with ASD learn the skills needed to handle themselves better in social situations at home or school. If your child…

smiling young woman with glasses asking neurotypical vs. neurodivergent what's the difference

Neurotypical vs. Neurodivergent: What’s the Difference?

When discussing autism spectrum disorder (ASD), there can be some confusion in the terminology used to describe developmentally challenged individuals. That’s because, on the one hand, autism exists on a spectrum (hence the name), and on the other hand, not every developmentally challenged individual is on the spectrum. Two terms that are often encountered are…

mother demonstrates with daughter how helping your kids develop communication skills is essential

Helping Your Kids Developing Communication Skills

For parents of children diagnosed with autism, it can be challenging to know how best to support them in developing communication skills. It’s essential to understand the different types of autism, and what you need to know about communication in autism. Call 855.915.2545 to speak with someone from the knowledgeable and compassionate staff at Camp…

small female child being taken by the hand by caring adult who is identifying non verbal autism in children

Identifying Non-Verbal Autism in Children

Autism is a complex neurological disorder that affects how a person behaves, interacts, and communicates. It can be challenging to identify autism in children, especially when they are non-verbal. Call 855.915.2545 to speak with someone from the knowledgeable and compassionate team at Camp Worth in Texas about the signs of non-verbal autism and how our…

Mother and daughter learning healthy ways to manage high functioning autism and anger

Healthy Ways to Manage High-Functioning Autism and Anger

Anger is a common symptom for high-functioning teens with autism. When an angry outburst occurs, it can be impossible to communicate with your child as they are overwhelmed by their feelings and emotions. High-functioning autism and anger are manageable through counseling and behavior analysis, where your teen will learn how to identify and manage their…

therapist talking to a mother and her child with ASD and explaining what are repetitive behaviors in autism

What Are Repetitive Behaviors in Autism?

Every year, thousands of children in the United States are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). One of the most common and defining characteristics of ASD is repetitive behaviors. Repetitive behaviors include any behavior that is repeated over and over again, such as hand-flapping, rocking, or making repetitive noises. It’s important to note that repetitive…