More and more people are seeking autism treatment in Arlington, Texas. Here at Discover Camp Worth, we find parents of individuals just ending puberty are often at the most loss as to what can be done to help their young one navigate the world better. Autism is a disorder that can appear so different from one person to the next. Yet, everyone on the spectrum has some common traits, such as difficulty with communication and being able to understand and properly express emotions. These are two of the things that often see this age group having trouble in schools. There may even be issues with violence, although most instances are what appears to be defiance. We can help both you and your child get through this stage.

Your child can overcome the challenges that come with autism. At our treatment programs in Arlington, Texas, we give them the tools to not only succeed in this goal but thrive. Are you ready to learn more about the treatment options we have available at Camp Worth? If so, contact us today by calling 855.915.2545.

Our Programsa child enrolls in autism treatment in arlington texas

Our program of autism treatment in Arlington, Texas is designed to help those with autism learn to navigate the world with better skills. From socialization to communication, self-care to parenting skills, we try to instill the adolescent with the tools that will last a lifetime. Our approach is designed to work with your loved one where they are now to seek out their strengths and help them use those to the greatest advantage. We offer:

We also pride ourselves on creating individualized treatment plans for each child in our care. Among the approaches we utilize are:

  • Daily physical exercise and activity
  • Functional communication training
  • Recreational therapy
  • Medication management
  • Individual therapy
  • Family counseling
  • Social skills groups
  • Functional skills training

Every professional on our team has been trained to understand and work with the special needs of those on the autism spectrum.

How These Come Together for Success

Applied behavior analysis has been found to be particularly successful with individuals in autism treatment in Arlington, Texas. This form of therapy allows us to find a person’s strengths and build upon them. The two areas most difficult for those with autism are communication and emotional regulation. Through practice sessions, your child will learn to identify emotions and then learn how to communicate those emotions properly. They will practice new skills in different scenarios and learn how to take those skills and use them in other situations. We work with helping those with problems in motor skills to strengthen those skills.

Diet is important, and those with autism often have problems with trying new foods or eating certain textures. This is addressed to help them get the best nutrition possible. Finally, learning how to learn is important for academic success. It is in the academic situation that much frustration is seen. Our staff will work on such skills as time management and organization to help make learning easier. Lastly, you will be given the tools to manage your child’s behavior once they leave our facility. Your relationship with your child will be stronger and more productive.

Discover Camp Worth

Adolescence is a difficult time for children and parents alike. If you and your child are struggling to navigate these years while also dealing with autism, contact one of our staff members at 855.915.2545. At our facility, we offer the tools necessary to get through these difficult years and enter young adulthood with a strong foundation for success. Don’t let life be any more difficult than it has to be. Contact us today about autism treatment in Arlington, Texas, and watch your child blossom!