Autism is a term that covers a wide array of conditions. Many hear the term and immediately think of the non-verbal child who seems permanently entrapped in his own world. In reality, this group makes up only a small portion of those with autism. The majority of autism diagnosis is what is called high-functioning autism. Those parents or guardians seeking autism treatment in Dallas, Texas are most often seeking treatment for children or teens in this category. In many cases, what is most needed is communication and life skills, two things very difficult for those with autism to master without help. If you’re interested in getting autism treatment for your child, we want to help. Contact Camp Worth today at 855.915.2545 to learn more about our treatment programs.

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Our programs are directed to young individuals aged 11-17. These are the years when a person most benefits from learning how to socialize in an appropriate way. We seek to teach these skills through applied behavior analysis because this allows us to evaluate your child’s particular strengths and needs and help them to not only learn what is needed but to then be able to apply these new skills to the world in general. Our four-part program will see each resident having a combination of the following:

Upon completion of this autism treatment in Dallas, Texas, your child and family will find a new strength to move forward toward adulthood. The program is designed to strengthen both the body and mind. It can also be helpful for your entire family to learn how to best help your child thrive.

Learning to Thrive

When you seek autism treatment in Dallas, Texas, it is because you know your loved one has the potential to succeed in life. The years between 11 and 17 are full of so much learning that it can be overwhelming even for those not on the spectrum. It is a time when you are learning to both accept your uniqueness and yet fit into society enough to be able to make a living, do daily activities independently, and deepen relationships with friends and family. Communication and social skills are essential parts of this. During their time here, your loved one will:

  • Learn to deal with negative emotions such as anger and frustration
  • Will develop a set of tools to be able to communicate thoughts and feelings more effectively
  • Work on life skills, such as proper nutrition and learning habits.

We do this by creating individualized treatment plans for each child. Among the approaches we utilize you will find:

  • Daily physical exercise and activity
  • Functional communication training
  • Recreational therapy
  • Medication management
  • Individual therapy
  • Family counseling
  • Social skills groups
  • Functional skills training

In essence, we allow your child the opportunity not only to survive in the world they are entering but to thrive in that world. We give them the tools necessary to see their strengths and use them to deal with the difficult areas.

Discover Camp Worth

A diagnosis of autism doesn’t have to be a lifetime sentence of not thriving someone in and achieving. For autism treatment in Dallas, Texas, Discover Camp Worth has a program that understands your adolescent and what is needed to help them navigate the extreme emotions that stand in their way to success. Contact us 855.915.2545 and talk with someone in our intake office to see what we have to offer. It is our belief that every child deserves the best chance possible to reach their highest potential. By the time they return home, it is our aim to have your loved one at that point. Your child can thrive with autism with the help of our autism treatment program in Dallas, Texas. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our treatment programs.