Parents seeking autism treatment in Plano, Texas have different needs but one of the most often things we hear is the need to be able to interact with and guide their child who is on the autism spectrum. Parents are often the ones who spend the most time with their children. It is the parent that is called when their child has a meltdown in school. The parent is the one that is subject to “well-meaning” advice when their child has a meltdown in public, often from strangers who have no clue what that parent has tried or what they are dealing with. Here at Camp Worth, we recognize the fact that autism treatment needs to be a family undertaking and we have designed our programs to take that into account. To learn more, contact Camp Worth at 855.915.2545 today.

What We Offer Your Childa teen boy plays with blocks at an autism treatment program in plano texas

Most of the children and teens entering our program are on the high functioning end of the autism spectrum. Thes double-digit years (11-17) leading up to young adulthood can be especially difficult for those on the spectrum. Often the only emotion that seems to be displayed is anger. This is because autism makes both understanding and controlling emotions difficult. It is not easy to manage something you don’t know how to identify, let alone understand. Our autism treatment in Plano, Texas offers both girls and boys the opportunity to undergo behavioral therapy that helps to identify proper social behavior and practice it in a safe setting. We then help our clients learn how to transfer these new skills into the larger world outside our residential treatment facility. We offer life skills and nutrition programs to help your family member start to grow into the new world of adulthood that is closer than many realize. It is our goal to help each client become the best they can be. This means we also need to help you.

Parent Training That Makes Sense

We realize that parents have often tried everything they can think of before they contact us. You want to see your child grow and achieve. Yet, many days you end up frustrated. You may often feel alone, wondering how other parents seem to have it all together. The truth is, they don’t. Seeking autism treatment in Plano, Texas will have you realizing that raising a child on the autism spectrum is something that needs to be approached differently than raising a child who is not on the spectrum. Our autism treatment in Plano, Texas gives you the parent, the skills you need to be able to handle the day-to-day things that are bound to come up. We help you help your child, which is what we know you have wanted all along.

Autism Treatment in Plano, Texas

If you are seeking autism treatment in Plano, Texas, contact our intake office 855.915.2545 to see what we have to offer at Camp Worth. We believe that strong families start with having the correct tools for your particular situation. During the particularly difficult years between the ages of 11 and 17, a family can use all the help and knowledge available to help direct a child on the autism spectrum. We offer a wide variety of treatment programs to help your child succeed and thrive in spite of your condition. The treatment programs that we offer include:

Together, we can help you create a great team to see your family through the storm and into the clear, bright future that is possible. Don’t hesitate another day. Contact Camp Worth today.