Autism spectrum disorder is a developmental illness that affects nearly one in sixty-eight children in the country today. While there is no cure for autism, many programs and evidence-backed therapies significantly improve a child’s life. A behavioral therapy program can give children and teens living with autism a greater chance of leading happy and productive lives. There are many autism therapy programs that can benefit your child’s development, no matter how severe their autism diagnosis is.

At Camp Worth, our center for behavioral therapy helps teen boys and girls aged eleven to seventeen develop the social and life skills they need to be happy and independent. We employ applied behavioral analysis along with other therapies and education programs for a well-rounded development plan. For more information on our autism therapy programs, complete our online contact form or call 855.915.2545 today to speak with our compassionate staff about enrolling your teen in our center for behavioral therapy.

How Can a Behavioral Therapy Program Help My Child?

Applied behavioral analysis is one of the leading behavioral therapies for improving your child’s life. It is proven to be highly effective in improving communication and social skills, cognitive function, and decreasing problematic behavior. Studies show that 90% of participants in a children’s behavioral therapy program have significant improvements in many aspects of their lives.

A therapist using applied behavioral analysis will observe your child’s behaviors and build a tailored program that benefits them the most. They will teach them coping skills through repetition, reinforcement, and encouragement. Your child will then practice their coping skills in group therapy with their peers under close supervision.

At Camp Worth, our behavioral therapy programs include applied behavioral analysis and other types of therapy to give your teen the best chance to improve their behavior and social skills. Our students use the skills they learn to go on and lead healthy and productive lives to the best of their capabilities.

Types of Behavioral Therapy for Children with Autism

Many different types of therapies are available to benefit a child living with autism and their families. Depending on your child’s needs, these therapies can give them the skills to aid in their development.

Types of behavioral therapy for children with autism include:

  • Applied behavioral analysis (ABA) – ABA focuses on your child’s unique symptoms and creates a development plan based on their individual needs.
  • Play therapy – This type of therapy builds on their communication and social skills through play. Play therapy can help you connect with your child with simple games like chase-and-tickle and can build to more advanced games that require taking turns or playing make-believe.
  • Speech therapy – Speech therapy is very beneficial in helping children use the communication skills that work best to express their feelings or ask for something they want. It can also help with building healthy relationships with peers.
  • Relationship development intervention (RDI) – This program helps parents learn how they can continue their child’s development at home. Parents learn how to interact with their children living with autism while working on their social and communication skills.
  • Parent-child interaction therapy (PCIT) – This therapy helps children with aggressive behaviors. Parents learn how to handle their child’s aggression in a positive and healthy manner.

Explore Camp Worth’s Behavioral Therapy Program for Your Teen

At Camp Worth, we employ several types of behavioral therapy programs for teen boys and girls at our center for behavioral therapy. Our certified therapists and medical staff will work with your child’s unique symptoms and create a development program tailored to their needs.

We offer several types of programs, including:

  • Applied behavioral analysis
  • Medication management
  • Education programs
  • Autism parent training program
  • Food and nutrition program

If your teen son or daughter needs help with controlling behavior, find out more about the autism therapy programs at Camp Worth by calling 855.915.2545 or filling out our online form.